Merkel hands out smallpox infested blankets

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated to a large audience in Berlin that “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”

She went on to say the will of the people must be ignored when it comes to immigration, sovereignty, and border security, to make way for the New World Order.

This is Colonial-times thinking.  She just handed all the cultures of the world Smallpox infested blankets….

Who do you suppose she’d like us all to be?

What language should we all adopt.?

What religion?

There’s a reason like-minded people all congregate together. Culture is important. This is not about race, this is not about religion, or bigotry. This is about individuality and pride in your heritage.

Should we all be like this?

how about this…

or this

Is this the goal, Merkel?

I could not imagine a more drastic comparison of beliefs…yet somehow Merkel believes we can all just be put in the same room together and work it out.

Imagine a Buddhist monk and a hardcore ISIS member going rounds together in a locked room. What do you think would happen?

Just sayin…

This idea of a unified One World Nation is ridiculous and will never work.

They’ve tried it in London and look what’s happened….

They tried it in Paris too….

Memorial after memorial is not going to bring these places back to their former glory. They’re not going to replace the lives lost. They’re not going to help raise the children whose parents have been sacrificed in these countless attacks all in the name of the the New World Order.

It’s a brilliant and eager theory to wish for the world to get along and be a better place for all, but it is flawed…

Explain honor killing to me..

Explain NO-GO zones…

Assimilation is NOT a possibility…

The people of a nation should not have to live in fear.


What the people of London, Paris, and Germany have had to go through thusfar has made me weep. The New World Order should be called what it is…Domestic Terrorism.

As cold as I may be, I will never extend my hand to accept one of the beautiful New World Order fleece-lined blankets..

I like my MADE IN AMERICA label much better.


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