Yes, one death IS too many….

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Rep Espaillat recently tweeted something profound…. really made me think!

“one death is far too many when discussing the #HumanitarianCrisis at the border.”

Yes I agree with you. One death IS too many..

Officer Ronil Singh

We could build a memorial wall across the border to commemorate all the lives lost in senseless and unnecessary assaults on American citizens at the hands of illegals.

People like Espaillat are exactly what is wrong with our border security. They’re trying to protect the wrong people…

He goes on in his tweeting to say conditions for the illegals detained at the border looked like slave ships. Oh those poor children…. was their PARENTS that drug them through the desert in abhorrent conditions, endangering their lives along the way. It’s not surprising some will die from exposure, disease or some other ailment when they finally arrive.

This is on YOU.

If it wasn’t so easy to come here, you would not have thousands and thousands of illegals flocking here every day. Something MUST be done, and it’s not about the conditions of the detainment facilities.

I’ve seen some pretty horrible pictures regarding that myself….

Here are some children being detained in Texas.

This is the holding center for illegal children in a revamped Walmart that the left is calling a “concentration camp.”

Yeah..sure looks rough doesn’t it…

Fact of the matter is, there would be NO deaths caused by illegals if they just stayed on their side of the fence..

There would be no “children separated from their parents at the border” if they actually had responsible parents to begin with..ones that didn’t begin their lives in America, by breaking our LAWS and endangering their own children’s lives.

Are you even sure those are their parents????

Yeah, we like to make sure about that too….considering the amount of human trafficking and child exploitation in the US, it’s good to cover your bases…

When the lives of illegals are at stake the left is in an uproar.

When it comes to OUR kids, they are silent.

And that is exactly what needs to change.


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