School is canceled. The left has a lot to learn..

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School is canceled. The left has a lot to learn..

Days after the media went Spanish Inquisition on the MAGA hat wearing teens from Covington, school is now canceled due to violent threats.

Celebrities like Alyssa Milano chimed in with their uneducated rhetoric of course, stating the “MAGA hat is the new white hood,” asserting that MAGA people are all white supremacist racists and bigots.

Others took to Twitter stating they wanted to punch the kids in the face.

Others even yet, offered blow jobs to anyone who would go through with the act..

And then there’s this gem….

Absolutely unbelievable…

And yet, it’s easily believable….

Others still, argued they deserve what they got because of what they were wearing….

Where are the women’s marchers on this topic?

The left:

A woman wearing skimpy clothes doesn’t deserve to be raped.

Also the left:

MAGA hat wearing people deserve to get punched.

The leftist media and celebrities control the narrative.

They show you what they want you to see, and time and time again, issue retractions.

They half-apologize for their lies, then go about the fabrication process over and over again.

It’s a never-ending cycle of abuse.

The MAGA teens did absolutely nothing wrong.

If you have not seen an unedited version of the video, I implore you to do some research….

They showed amazing restraint and maturity, given some others were yelling profanities at them across the way, calling them all “fing child molesters” and such, not to mention the guy who was beating the drum in their faces….

Did you know he isn’t even the Vietnam veteran he claims to be?


What the media did with this is appalling and shameful to say the least.

Each and every one of them should be ashamed of themselves….

This sort of rhetoric is exactly what gets people killed…

And they don’t care.

I hope these kids sue the pants off the people who called for violence, who posted libelous tweets, and who endangered their safety…..

I guess in the end, we all see what we want to see, or in this case, what the media wants us to see…

They know all too well that the damage has already been done.

Some have come back to say they were wrong, and they apologized for it…but for every one of those who have bothered to watch the whole occurrence on video, there are thousands who will not watch it…and thousands who now believe these students are bigots, should be punched, or even killed….

Alyssa Milano is dead wrong. MAGA hats are not akin to KKK hoods….

When I see a MAGA hat, I see someone who loves their country and all the citizens in it.

I see someone who wants to protect those people.

The left sees nothing but red.




Nationalism is used freely as a synonym for white supremacy by the media, and leftists.

As a white person myself, I find this offensive.

A person of color should be even more offended.

Are you telling me that black people don’t love their country?

Asians? Mexicans?

I love the United States, I love my president, and everything the MAGA hat stands for.

I will wear mine proudly.


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