The New Roger Stone Movie- Courtesy of CNN

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The date is 1/25/2019 and the FBI just raided Roger Stone’s home on charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller.  Stone is accused of lying and witness tampering. 

As has been a pattern in the Mueller investigation, the 66 year old Stone was not just quietly arrested. The theatrics were out like it was a Hollywood movie shooting a critical scene. CNN was tipped off and had a full camera crew as FBI agents pounded on Stone’s door at 5:30 In the morning. Mueller and the news media treated Roger Stone’s life like it was a Hollywood movie. 

Stone joins a list of other former Trump campaign members to be indicted. Mueller has gone after Military heroes like General Flynn, a guy who was on the Trump team less than five months during the election; Paul Manafort, and a host of others.  The list of indictments covers everything but what Mueller is SUPPOSED to be investigating: RUSSIA COLLUSION.

Robert Mueller is coming up short on what he is being paid to do, and the Dems are not too happy about it. The left and the fake news media has shown their desperation in recent weeks, running with the bogus Buzz Feed article claiming Trump ordered his then-lawyer, Cohen, to lie to Congress. Quickly debunked, as most claims against Trump are, even crooked Mueller attested to the absurdity of the allegations.

The media then pushed the old, tired “racist Trump  supporters” argument when they viciously attacked the Covington Catholic school boys and were proven wrong once again. 

None of this has anything to do with Russia Collusion and it is all just a big distraction and show from the fact that Robert Mueller is still coming up empty. First, it was Russia collusion, then it was campaign finance violations….

They will keep changing the narrative in this hoax of an investigation until they find something they hope will stick. The investigation, in its entirety, is a sham, but rest assured the drama is not over yet…

More phony indictments for things that have nothing to do with Russian collusion will be coming. More people’s lives like Stone and Manafort will be shamelessly ruined by Robert Mueller. At the end of the day this President won the election fair and square, Nothing Robert Mueller can make up will change the mind of a single Trump supporter. 

Over two years in and nothing. How many more tax dollars need to be wasted on this hoax? Only time will tell but there are going to be a lot of disappointed democrats in the end.


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