What it Means to MAGA

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“The new White hood,” is how Alyssa Milano recently described those who wear the iconic red MAGA hat, claiming that everyone who does so is a racist.

What does MAGA really mean?

It means I love my country.

I love my family, I love America. I want to keep it safe, and I want all Americans to reach their full potential and succeed in life.

No…it doesn’t mean I only want white people to be happy.

It doesn’t mean I only want white people to be rich and succeed in life.

When I say MAGA, I am talking about ALL Americans.

Yes, even liberals…..

Make AMERICA Great Again, it echos our thoughts on foreign spending. Why are we sending trillions of dollars overseas when we have needs right here at home? Why are we treating illegals better than our veterans, our seniors? With the average income of illegals at around 36,000 per year, compared to the average income of people on social security: around $17,000…we should all be a bit upset.

MAGA is about taking the power back to the American people, where it belongs! 

Why send money to foreign countries to protect THEIR borders when we don’t even have a solid border security system in place of our own!? Why participate in Global Wealth distribution ploys and unfair trade deals? That’s what MAGA means.

All these celebrity types and the lying media just haven’t got a clue..

they don’t know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, watching your jobs get outsourced to someone named Habib…

That’s what MAGA is. America is not a race. It’s an entire nation of people. To call the concept racist is simply ill-educated nonsense.

The slogan, now copyrighted by the Trump campaign, was used by Ronald Reagan in the 80s, Bill Clinton in the 90s, and yes, even Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Bill Clinton came back during Hillary’s last campaign to smear the MAGA concept….just as they did their stance on border security.

Go figure.

Don’t believe me? I made a nice little video you can share with all your friends. Enjoy and MAGA!


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