Texas Sued for Removing Illegal Voters from their Rosters

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A Legal group posted on Twitter recently they are suing Texas for removing 95,000 voters off their rosters. All were non-citizens.

They allege it violates their rights, because some of them MAY be legal citizens now.

I say BS…

How about this:

I say they are, each and every one of them, guilty of Voter Fraud,and regardless of whether or not the were naturalized and became  citizens later is beyond consideration.

Why would this ever be okay?

I don’t go to Mexico and vote in THEIR elections, in fact, if I did, I’d be imprisoned..In China, this offense would be cause for execution.

“We know that democracy works best when all citizens can vote without barriers,” the center’s vice president, Paul Smith, stated. “Texas designed this unlawful ‘search and purge’ mission to intimidate legitimately registered voters. The court should step in and protect the rights of Texas citizens.”

Someone needs to protect the rights of ALL US citizens, and it’s not this flunky law group, that’s for sure. California just purged 1.5 million ineligible voters from their rosters…these included dead people, illegals and everything else.

This is a problem..

The electoral college is being manipulated by the millions. We cannot possibly have a fair and just congressional representation when, in states like California, the number of voters on the rolls actually exceeds the amount of eligible voters living there….“the number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.”

What the hell is going on!

I’d call it a soft invasion….I’d call it the systematic silencing of Americans.

I’d call it flat out wrong,

Voting is a right Americans fought for. We shouldn’t have to keep on fighting, but apparently the battle is not yet over. Voter rolls need to be 100% accurate, and reflect the actual citizens living in the country LEGALLY.

We desperately need a Voter Integrity Initiative, and it needs to be rolled out to all states in the Union. Enough of the Voter Motor Law, ENOUGH of private interest groups gathering signatures and votes from homeless people pretending to be someone else, ENOUGH of all of a sudden finding 100,000 extra votes after an election is called….ENOUGH of “VOTE HARVESTING.” This entire system reeks of fraud and it needs to stop now.


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