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Just some quick thoughts after last night’s State of the Union. President Trump was at the top of his game.

He brilliantly explained all the winning this country has been doing under his administration. He called out socialism. He called out socialism. He called out late term abortion. Each and every key issue important to us voters, President Trump hit on.

Even after his amazing speech (that 76% of Americans approved of, according to CBS), the fake news was still bashing this great president’s performance. John Brennan said it was “incoherent rambling.”

Maybe he was thinking of what Pelosi was doing while she stood behind him…it did look like she was talking to herself a bit there…

My take on the night? The State of the Union showed that this country is WINNING. President Trump’s policies are working. And they’re not just working for some of us, they’re working for ALL of us.

We are truly lucky to have this man at the helm. What an amazing night!


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