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What did the now infamous Covington Catholic High School boys do during the Right to Life March that the media and others on the left won’t let go? Why have these young boys, and no one else from the March, become demonized and pariahs? 

It all started a week ago after a video of a white teen, Nick Sandmann, from the Catholic high school, was shown standing with a smile on his face at the Lincoln Memorial Plaza in DC.  Standing in front of him beating a drum was Nathan Phillips, a native American Indian.  Those who saw the video immediately said Sandmann and other boys were taunting Phillips.  They even wished harm on Sandmann because of his smile. 

Never mind the video showed a grown man beating a drum in the face of a child, and albeit, there were other teen boys surrounding them clapping, no one seemed concerned that an adult was in the face of a child beating a drum. Also, no one seemed to care that a second video showing Phillips accosting the boys and chanting in their faces (it was previously assumed that the teens approached him). Furthermore, this video had also shown adult men, who called themselves the Black Israelites, taunting the teenagers before their encounter with Phillips and after. In the video, the men can be heard calling the teens all sorts of cruel names. 

After the second video was released and gave a complete account of what happened, between Sandmann and Phillips one would assume things would have settled down putting it all in perspective. It did for 48 hours. A few individuals (on the left, right, journalists and celebrities) who had attacked the teens in the most vicious ways (saying they should be punched in the face or doxxed) apologized on social media. 

Later, in a televised interview, Sandmann said he stood smiling to diffuse the situation that Phillips had caused invading his person. No one has ever asked the Black Israelites why they were attacking the teenagers or even asked Phillips why hadn’t he approached the Israelites.  In fact, the Black Israelites were never interviewed. 

Yet, after all, this was made available for public consumption, there were still those who couldn’t and wouldn’t let the teens off, so easily, especially the liberal media.  Even with all the facts being presented that the teens had done no wrong, to the media that was impossible. A sin had been committed, and because it involved white boys and a native American there could be no exoneration of wrong.

Unfortunately, the only wrong the boys had done was something completely out of their control. They were born white and Catholic.  That is a wrong and sin which is unforgiven, for with it comes white privilege.  Now, of course, the Covington Boys had no control over being born with white skin, but it really doesn’t matter in today’s racially charged society.  A society where some are looking to call any and everything an injustice due to racism. To say the least, when the perceived perpetrators’ skin happens to be white you are automatically considered guilty by the self-proclaimed race police the liberal media. 


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