Let Him Stay In Office

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Now we know what we know. The Democrats are the party of hate and racism, and black people are so naive with a slave mentality they can’t see it.  White liberals can see it and are just mad the truth is out.

For the better part of the last two years, Democrats and the liberal MSM have been on a tirade calling out what they perceived to be racism.  With FakeNews CNN taking the lead, as the race police, they have called every politician on the right who didn’t agree with their extreme liberal out of control lawless views and agenda a racist.

If you want a security wall on the southern border: you are a racist. 

If you are against illegal aliens crossing the border: you are a racist. 

If you want criminal justice reform: you are a racist. 

If you are against athletes kneeling: you are a racist

If you embrace Christianity: you are a racist.

If you like the national anthem: you are a racist.

If you watch Fox News: you are a racist.

If you are a Republican or conservative: you are a racist.

If you voted for Donald Trump: you are a racist.

If you wear a red MAGA cap: you are a racist. 

Finally, if you are white and not a liberal you are a racist.


Upon closer observation, we now see it is they the Democrat liberal who is the racist, and what better person to point out this truth than the governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, and his 1984 racist KKK black face yearbook pictures.

Interestingly enough, during the 2016 election, Northam and his minions (and the liberal MSM) dubbed his opponent Ed Gillespie a racist because he supported President Donald Trump. Northam even ran an ad of a man in a truck believed to be Gillespie chasing down minority children wanting to catch them and do them harm


Democrats and the liberal MSM got blacks to believe this false narrative of Ed Gillespie being a racist lock stock and barrel. It didn’t take much to convince them.  Gillespie being a white man, Republican, conservative and supported Trump he fit the bill. That automatically made him a racist. It seems blacks didn’t bother to question Northam the moonwalker. Because he was a white social liberal and didn’t like Trump the liberal MSM said he was good. That automatically made him all right with blacks. 

Now that the truth has come to light about Northam’s racist past, everybody wants to kick him out of office. It took nearly 30 plus years to come to light, but it’s out. I’m sure many knew about it but said nothing.  Either way, I say let him stay there.  

Keep him in office as a remembrance to who the real racist is. Let him stay there so that every day until election day people, especially blacks and white liberals, will be reminded that the Democrat Party is the real racist party. Some things never change. How can they when you won’t accept the facts.

– @robjh1-

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