Will Pocahontas ever Quit?

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Wednesday “Pocahontas” Warren was once again forced to apologize for lying about her ancestry. A Texas State Bar registration card from 1986 spurred the sudden admission.

In the card, Warren wrote “American Indian” as her ethnicity. This really isn’t too shocking. She’s proven time and time again throughout her history, she used the race card to get ahead in life at every turn.

If she continues on her quest to be the next Democrat hopeful, I am sure we will find more examples. If no one else calls her out, we know Trump will. Just as he did with Obama’s birth certificate, exposing its questionable authenticity.

After several bouts on Twitter between Pocahontas and Trump, the big D finally upped the ante and challenged her to a DNA test. The results? As expected, the failed tests revealed she is no more Native American than the average house cat. A whole 1/1024 percent.

My question is: will she continue? She must realize her stagnant popularity, even amidst the myriad of weak candidates on the scene today. Will she continue to throw herself under the bus, and open herself up to even more scrutiny?

There are a lot of questions to be asked. What about taxes and other official government documents? What about college applications? Did she have a passport? Remember Rachel Dolezal? She posed as a black woman, and now
stands accused of welfare fraud, perjury and false verification for public assistance. Pretty serious stuff, if you ask me.

The same fate faces Warren if she stays in the race. My guess is, she won’t. Barely a month into 2019, and the Democrats are already putting on quite a show. Can’t wait to see the rest of the candidates’ true colors!

Popcorn at the ready.


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