Democrats: The Un-American Party

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Democrats are crazy. That’s all there is to it. Just plain crazy.

The latest negotiations regarding the border wall have had lackluster results to say the least.

Their latest demands call for the reduction of beds available to those detained by ICE, thus forcing the release of remaining illegals into our country.

Donald Trump stated earlier today this will only encourage more illegal crossings. Makes sense doesn’t it? If you know that the agents are only allowed to hold so many, you’ll take your chances. Trump estimates some 42million visitors to our borders if a policy like what the democrats are suggesting is enacted.

That’s a pretty scary number.

Democrats argue this will make ICE focus on violent criminals instead of just the ones who are breaking the laws…okay? The sheer numbers alone are staggering here. Vetting everyone is darned near impossible when half of them are lying about their ages, and the other half won’t even tell you their names. Can they really guarantee the people they let go are not murderers, traffickers, or rapists?

They’re really missing the entire point of the wall in the first place. If you do not come here legally, WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE. Wait in line like everyone else, and you’re more than welcome! But starting your journey in the United States by breaking our laws, is not a good beginning.

Now let’s rewind for a second here….the same politicians who are opposed to the wall now, voted for the wall in 2006.

Some of the people who supported a barrier in 2006:

  • Barack Obama -“The bill before us will certainly do some good, better fences and better security along our borders, help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this country.”
  • Joe Biden
  • Hillary Clinton – “I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in,” Clinton said at November 2015 town hall in New Hampshire, “and I do think that you have to control your borders.”
  • Chuck Schumer
  • Dianne Feinstein

So what’s changed? Is it simply because Trump wants it? Is it because WE want it? Or is it because illegals provide the democrats with more votes? Is it because someone else is pulling the strings? Drug trafficking money? Bribes? We all know the electoral college and the amount of seats granted is dependent on the number of citizens in residence. That number is magnified by illegals. Remove them from the equation, and California loses some standing.

Is it because they hate Americans so much that they would rather protect the perceived rights of illegals over the rights of their own LEGAL citizens? This is my guess…what else can one conclude when time and time again, they turn a blind eye to the literal destruction our current system is causing? Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t even speak with Angel Moms, Maxine Waters stated in a speech about Dreamers: “These are people who have hope. These are people who have gone to school. These are young people who want careers. These are people who are contributing to our society.”

I beg to differ! What about OUR dreams, Maxine? Are we supposed to be happy these people are going to school on our dime? Taking our jobs? Using welfare? Living better than most of Americans who are living hand-to-mouth, holding down two to three jobs? Are we supposed to be happy with the sanctuary cities’ policies that allow illegal criminals to roam free? Are we supposed to be happy about the murders, the rapes, and assaults that could be prevented by having a system in place that simply prevents people like this from coming here in the first place?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently stated recently, “It is a right because we are standing on native land, and Latino people are descendants of native people,” she continued. “And we cannot be told and criminalized simply for our identity or our status.”

Say what? If I recall correctly, the Spanish invaded Mexico, which at that time was occupied by Native Americans…..her point is moot.

So my question is this: Who exactly are the Democrats working for?

Certainly seems to me like they’ve lost their way, because they sure aren’t working for us…


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