The Clinton Collusion

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Two years and more than 25 million dollars later, the Senate Intel Committee has finally released a statement: There was no collusion between Trump and Russia. Suck it Libs!

This whole investigation was a farce to begin with, and we all knew it, but fake news ran with it like it was the next Watergate, screaming impeach trump all the way to the bank. My question is this: when does the REAL investigating begin? What about the wiretap on then-candidate Donald Trump, initiated by Barack Obama and his cohorts?

What about Hillary and her team of flunkies coming up with this whole collusion thing to begin with?

When are we going to see some real justice? It was Hillary and the rest of the Democrats who are guilty of colluding with the Russians. It was Hillary who ran illegal servers, who put the nation’s security at risk, and who had her shit stolen. Bleaching the servers and lying about everything to try to get away with it.

What about the Clinton Foundation?

Oh yeah, and then there’s this thing called the Steele Dossier….

Hillary and her cohorts, the DOJ and the FBI hired former British spy and FBI informant Chris Steele, together with Fusion GPS to manifest a Russian narrative. To invent one…To lie. Hillary’s campaign and the DNC paid a cool $1million for the dossier. The FBI and DOJ then used the phony document as basis for a FISA warrant to bug Trump Tower. Congress is now in possession of various emails and texts to this effect.

These are all serious felonies. Question is, which one will they charge Hillary and Obama with? All? Some? None? My patience is growing thin. These people are stupid, these people are un-American, and it’s time they’re punished for what they’ve done.


  • Clinton’s friend, and big time 25 million dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation, Alexander Downer, tells the FBI the Russians have some dirt on Hillary.
  • The FBI launches an investigation.
  • Hillary then pays former British spy, British spy to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, with Russian officials’ help. The resulting dossier is used as a reason for launching a spying operation against Trump.
  • Meanwhile, Comey and a bunch of NeverTrumper FBI officials, including James Strzok and Bruce Ohr, collude to stop the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unlawful email server. Intelligence officials are certain it was hacked by foreign governments. NOT good…

Finally, after two years, they admit it’s a big nothing burger… what’s funny though, is the damage has been done…the bullying of patriots, the defamation and undermining of our great president, the constant hate spewed forth by the left chanting, “Russia Russia Russia,” has already done irreparable damage…

Somebody owes us a big apology, and a court date set for Clinton and Obama.

So..i wonder if I will still be called a Russian bot on Twitter….


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  3. This cut is way too deep. And they poured salt into it. Keep digging im sure you will find some bodies.

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