What is wrong with you, Minnesota?

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Rep. Omar has been an abject failure since her start of term. Antisemitism, along with a certain smug arrogance has quickly turned her into America’s most hated Congresswoman.

Impeach her sure…the problem is though, even if we replace her, Minnesota (district 5) will elect another failure.

This is the same district that elected the woman beating Muslim Keith Ellison. Ellison had several controversies and was accused of being a radical Muslim. How did Minnesota reward him? They made him the state’s Attorney General…

The scariest thing is, Rep Omar is now on the Foreign Affairs Committee, and privy to classified information. This is the same woman who married her brother to gain entry into this country, and also reportedly speaks to relatives in the Al-Shabaab Jihadi terrorist group….

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As Americans, how long can we allow her to serve? Why, oh why do you keep doing this to us, Minnesota? What’s wrong with you!?

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2 thoughts on “What is wrong with you, Minnesota?

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  2. Since the District she “represents” is primarily “refugee” Somalis thanks to Obama the likelihood they’d elect someone else is slim to non.
    She’s not the cancer destroying the United States of America, she’s just a symptom. Even the “Democratic Socialists” are unlikely to be more than an irritant if We the People are paying attention.
    She should never have been elected, she probably wouldn’t have been allowed in the country if proper vetting procedures were enforced, but she IS here and doing the work of her “Prince of the world.”
    She just decided she didn’t need to stop following the precept of “Taqiyya.” Lppk it up.

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