Don’t Blame Trump for the Dems’ Failures

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The new budget for the border wall sucks and has a lot of people screaming from the mountain tops. Even the most optimistic Trump supporters do not like the new bill.

The Dems in the Senate and Congress really stuck it to the GOP. After two months of “negotiations,” they could only muster up 1.3 Billion dollars for the border wall.

In the bill, they give 3.4 billion for refugee assistance…twice the amount they allotted for the wall. Clearly we see where their priorities lie. The bill is full of countless items that are just as bad.

Trump took the full heat in the last shutdown. He fought tooth and nail for the second year in a row, only to be let down by the GOP.

We may hate this bill, and it’s okay to be angry. Just don’t be angry at Trump. One man can only do so much when he has resistance from all sides. It is time the House and Senate Republicans and Democrats put on their big boy pants and REALLY negotiate so we don’t get any more of these horrible bills.


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