President Trump Calls Out CNN

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In an epic TKO, President Trump calls out Jim Acosta as having an agenda for fake news CNN. Acosta, like his other liberal colleagues, is so against this president. He like them is unable to just report the news, instead, he has to add his own dislikes and biases.

Unfortunately, the real news is becoming a dying source of reliability save for a few conservative news outlets like OAN, NewsMax, Fox News (broadcast) and The Daily Caller and Washington Times (print).

Now that Trump is president, it seems, every liberal MSM outlet has designs to take him down. They are jealous and afraid of him succeeding where other presidents never have.  When you look at what he has done during his first 2 years in office and despite the dirty tricks and plots designed to take him out, he is winning and so is America.

God Bless America and save this great country.


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