The Miseducation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Just in case you missed it there’s a new kid on the block getting a lot of attention in DC. She’s young. She’s vibrant with long brown hair, deer doe eyes, and a toothy smile. She seems very innocent but she isn’t.

With barely a few months on the scene in DC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC, the freshman representative from New York, has managed to galvanize much of the liberal MSM’s attention. It is a feat that even life-long politicians haven’t been able to do. It’s not that she is saying much or what she says has any weight. But what she has is the privilege of being born and growing up during the era of social media. In addition to that birthright, she is also a Latina woman, a millennial and an unapologetic socialist.

AOC along with a thousand other young people will be voting in huge blocks in upcoming elections especially the election of 2020 (that is if they know what voting is and can manage to peel themselves off their parents’ basement couch and get to the polls). Going with them to the polls are grievances society told them they have. What exactly are these grievances are anyone’s guess, but anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, unsafe, mistreated, and not free is a starting point. None of it makes sense, and it’s not supposed to. You see this group of people grew up thinking the world wronged them the moment they were born (some even blame their parents for not asking them if they wanted to be born:

As a result of them being “wronged,” they feel that they should be compensated and their ideas and suggestions listened to and followed (entitlement syndrome a common trait of this group). Never mind these individuals know nothing about anything. They aren’t supposed to. By now, after stumbling through what you just read, I’m sure you are scratching your head thinking, “what the heck!” Join the club. You aren’t alone in your thinking. The entire premise of AOC and millennial lives are nonsensical, but they have convinced a giddy media and a few others on the left that they should be heard and as such, they are given a platform. To say the least these empty-headed, want to rule the world adults are dangerous and are becoming dangerously famous. Re-enter AOC.

AOC has a huge following (22 million and growing on Instagram), she like many other millennials don’t know what they don’t know. But they think they know it all. Case in point, she recently introduced her Green Plan proposal that is supposed to save the world against climate change. Parts of the proposal has provisions to end air traffic and use of automobiles (killing off entire industries) in favor of trains and I guess bicycles. The plan seeks to redo building codes with green buildings (so all existing building would need to be torn down). The bill also addresses flatulent cows (they are wreaking havoc on our climate).

With her fame, AOC has managed to get weak Democrats on the Hill to buy into her ridiculous high school dream plan. Ordinarily, the MSM would have done its due diligence and called her and her plan ridiculously stupid. And while they have done their due diligence and know that the plan is not viable, they refuse to call it out. Why? They fear her and her clueless minions. After all, with one Twitter message, she could potentially instruct her followers on social media to stop watching or listening to the media or vote against a House Democrat not supporting her high school Green Plan. It doesn’t stop there. AOC is now applauding Amazon’s decision not to open a second headquarters in the borough of Queens, New York. The decision was made after a month of push back from so-called civic and community leaders. There go the jobs.

Per the online publication Democrat and Chronicle: “All told, it took about $3 billion to attract one of the wealthiest companies (Amazon) in the world to Queens: New York City is set to provide $1.3 billion in tax breaks on top of the state’s incentive package. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office estimated it would provide a revenue boost of $27.5 billion total for the state and city over the next 25 years.”

This would have translated into 25,000 plus (high income) jobs coming to town, revitalization of neighborhoods and a continued upswing of the communities economy. In addition, more funding for schools and training for local residents to get the jobs Amazon was bringing.

Upon hearing the news of Amazon, AOC suggested that the city could now use the $3 billion for schools, infrastructure, and other social programs. Ahem…will someone tell her it doesn’t work that way. The city doesn’t get the money if Amazon isn’t setting up shop (and it was a tax break incentive).

All of this coming from a woman who went to good schools and one would have thought got a good education. That said if this is the return we are getting from our kid’s education we are in trouble for they are being miseducated. Clearly, AOC doesn’t know what she doesn’t know that she has been grossly miseducated into thinking that society owes her a debt and her corny high school ideas will save the world.

And we are not saved…


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