Fox, You got some Splaining to do…

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Fox cuts Jussie Smollett’s screen time.
Okay let me get this straight.
Roseanne: fired 4 racist tweet (NO ONE knew that lady was African American…Iranian yes…)

Smollett still has a job, even though he committed a serious racially motivated offense…punishable by some actual jail time.

Comparing the two is simple. One was a joke….albeit maybe in poor taste, but that’s Roseanne! She made a JOKE.

Valerie Jarrett is most known for being white/Iranian. Who knew she was African American on her dad’s side? NO ONE….
You have to admit, the similarity is amazing.

Now, the trouble with this tweet here is basically, the comparison true racists use when describing blacks and apes. Well, this is not what Roseanne meant, not by a mile. She was comparing Valerie’s Iranian heritage (yes, she was born in Iran), and similar Muslim invasion styles, to the Planet of the Apes invasion movie, and the fact the main character looks super similar to Valerie….she does…

Valerie Jarrett is AT LEAST 49% WHITE. But she Identifies as 100% African. Who knew? Seriously, not me. I thought she was Iranian/ White…I do think the whole thing was blown way out of proportion. She certainly did not deserve to lose her show over it.

Even President Trump chimed in on this one: They call Trump an orange baboon all the time, but no one cares because he’s white…

Smollett’s stunt however was a blatant racially motivated attack…on himself superficially, however an attack on all MAGA and Trump supporters. This is a hate crime. Jussie hates the president, he hates MAGA and he hates white people. One look at his Twitter will tell you everything you need to know…

Well, I’m calling them out….
he hates Trump, hates MAGA, hates white people….AND he still has his BLUE CHECKMARK on Twitter….

Here you have him hanging out with race-baiter extraordinaire, Barack Obama, and Maxine Waters…. interestingly enough, this fiasco was well-timed with the new “anti-lynching” legislation that just passed.

Lynching is already a crime, I don’t really see why we need another law to address it…when’s the last time you’ve even HEARD about someone being lynched?

So my question is this: Why cut his hours. Why is he not FIRED? Just as we have a two-tiered justice system, we have a two-tiered SJW system as well. It’s okay for a Liberal to act in this manner, but NEVER a Conservative…

It’s okay for grown men and women to pick on a 14 year old kid wearing a MAGA hat, but God forbid we call ANY of THEM out!


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