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Crazy Bernie Sanders announced his run for a 2020 bid on Tuesday. Bernie had a very surprising run in 2016, but he could not make it past Crooked Hillary Clinton’s corruption.

Bernie says he is running because we have a “racist in the Whitehouse.” It is obvious 2020 will be no different than any other year. Democrats will be using the same hateful rhetoric that saw them get destroyed in every single swing state in 2016. Sad!

Bernie will be once again running as a Democrat Socialist, joining the playing field with other far left hopefuls. Like the others, Socialist Bernie is a massive hypocrite. For all his Socialist leanings, that Bernie sure does like his Capitalism…taking high-paid speaking engagements, partnerships, and even has a spouse standing on Wall Street’s corporate ladder.

Bernie wants to get (more) rich but wants everyone else to share the same bowl of porridge. With this message, POTUS will win in a landslide.


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