It’s Obama’s Fault

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I think we are all tired of the Jussie Smollett case. Pathetic this guy was willing to make this whole thing up to further divide this country.

Barack Obama is to blame for this attack. At no time have racial tensions been so high. We all remember Obama and his “hands up, don’t shoot” campaign, believing a thug like Michael Brown over our brave police officers.

Another dandy was when Obama invited the cop-hating domestic terrorists, Black Lives Matter, to the White House; once again siding with the real racists.

Roughly 1/4 of all Democrat voters are black, and in some states, the majority of all Democrats are black. That was not lost on the former “Divider in Chief,” who constantly pandered to the black communities’ fears. Obama continued to divide the country for selfish reasons.

Identity politics are racial politics, and they have been a strategy in the Democrat party for over 100 years. Smollett would never have thought up this elaborate scheme had it not been for Obama’s racist rhetoric and push for division. SAD!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Obama’s Fault

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  2. Race baiting is alive and well after obumer (thank god he is gone). The demrats are doing their best to keep it alive.

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