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I’ve been watching Fox News lately, and I realize the station doesn’t really get good until the nighttime trio of Tucker/Hannity/Ingraham,

Throughout the day, and on weekends, we are forced to listen to far-left idiocy from the likes of Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, Jessica Tarlov, Juan Williams, and a host of other far-left commentators, often repeating the same talking points you will see on CNN throughout the day.

Fox News prides itself on being in the center, but it has the potential to be THE ONLY credible network. We watch Fox News because we hate FAKE NEWS.

I think if they just went all in, and brought people on who are fair to our President, they would get even better ratings.


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2 thoughts on “FAUX NEWS

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  2. I agree with the common about Tucker, hannity and do like the early morning news after I change my channel.

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