I think they’re all smoking something…

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Watching Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren try so desperately to be cool this election season gives me flashbacks to Hillary Clinton’s “I carry hot sauce in my purse,” quote.

First we have Homewrecker Harris, appearing on radio, telling the predominantly black audience she smoked weed, and listened to Snoop and Tupac in college. Of course, a day later, that was outed as a lie. None of the mentioned artists had released a CD until AFTER she graduated.

Next we have Pocahontas Warren, appearing on Late Night, with 50 Cent, the irrelevant rapper. Warren strategically sat back and listened when 50 Cent went on an anti-Trump crusade, claiming Trump offered him 500K to play at his inauguration. Another lie.

Whether Kamala is smoking weed, or Pocahontas is smoking Peyote, we have all enjoyed laughing at them humiliating themselves.

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