The forgotten men and women have not forgotten.

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We have all heard the line “the forgotten men and women are forgotten no more!”

Trump’s rise in 2016 was a grass roots effort where he promised the hard working Americans who had suffered under Barack Obama they will suffer no more.

Well just two years into Trumps Presidency it is clear they have not forgotten his promise and him delivering on his promises.

“Riding a powerful wave of small dollar donations, President Trump’s principal campaign committee pulled in more than $6.9 million in the final quarter of 2018, per its report to the Federal Election Commission. A little under $5.1 million, or 75 percent, of that money came in the form of donations under $200, an indication of grassroots support.

The strong fourth-quarter figures cap a two-year period in which the president’s reelection committee pulled in nearly $70 million from individuals and transfers from other committees. It’s off to a blistering pace on the money trail. By comparison, Barack Obama’s principal committee had raised a little under $3.3 million at this stage of this presidency.”


Trump is raising money in record amounts proving the enthusiasm Americans have for this President far exceeds the excitement Barack Obama had.

When your base gives back to you like Trumps does it is proof of Promises Made and promises kept from this great President.

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