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It seems to be a growing strategy for the Democrats to use children to push their propaganda.

Last week a clip went viral of a teacher and a group of students ambushing Diane Feinstein and trying to force her hand on the Green New Deal. The kids were misinformed and scared. Same strategy Hitler used when he launched the Hitler youth organization.

The young kids had been taught if something is not done soon the planet may end in 12 years.

What kind of warped and twisted human being would implant this idea in a child’s head?

A deranged leftist teacher who is participating in the indoctrination of our children to side with the socialist Democrats.

Misguided children being used by the left

Now this week 60 minutes does a feature on a group of kids (as young as 11) suing the Trump administration for the Climate Change hoax: “the plaintiffs argue that the government has violated “the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property” by adopting policies that promote the use of fossil fuels—despite the knowledge that carbon dioxide emissions are a primary cause of global warming.”

Kids suing for climate change

This is not the first time the left and the fake news media have used kids to further their agenda. They have been doing it with school shootings to try and take our guns for years.

Who could forget (even though we would all love to) David Hogg plastered all over our screens for weeks? Or kids bashing President Trump and propping up the Resistance at the kids choice awards on Nickelodeon.

March for our lives at kids choice

The left have no limits to what they will do to push their agenda. The indoctrination going on in our public school system and on children’s TV is Nazi like propaganda.


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