AOC’s 850K Slush fund

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The newest “Witch Hunt” is going after Trump’s finances, scratch that, not only Trump, but pretty much anyone who has ever breathed by him, stood by him, or talked to him over the past 30 years is under scrutiny…absolutely ridiculous.

The committee says “it’s their job to make sure the president hasn’t broken any laws.” I get that. I really do. I don’t get however this Orwellian tactic of making sh** up, and then investigating it. Personally, I’d like to see a better process; one which starts with an accusation backed with facts of some sort, THEN you can investigate to your heart’s content…

Speaking of finances…,AOC is in hot water herself, as it seems her Chief of Staff may have funneled over 850K to a slush fund. The purpose of the fund was to reportedly hide donations, take the money off the books, so they could circumvent campaign finance laws.

It is unclear whether AOC was aware of what was going on, however personally, I think she might have known….I like to give people the benefit of the doubt see, and as stupid as I think this girl is, I’d like to think she keeps track of her money…

This is not the first time she lied about her finances, by the way. She campaigned on telling her constituents she had only 7K in her checking account. I can’t remember the last time I had 7K….ha. She forgot to mention however that she had over 70K in savings… huh, that’s weird!

What else is weird is her touting of paying her staff a “living wage” in the neighborhood of 56K or so…well honey, I can tell you this: the average wage at the Amazon HQ in NY (that decided to NOT stay because of your policies), was going to be around 125K. A 56K salary in New York, for a government job is laughable….

We’ll see how this unfolds….


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