He pulled a Smollett. 50 Cent’s 500,000$ lie

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Recently rapper 50 cent whose real name is Curtis Jackson appeared on James Corden alongside Pocahantas whose real name is Elizabeth Warren.

The Massachussets democrat and 2020 hopeful sat their as 50 Cent was asked if he had ever been offered money from a politician for a favor.

50 cent than claimed that President Trump offered him 500,000$ to simply appear at his inauguration.

Another flat out lie by a celebrity member of the black community to try and make this President look bad.

The fact is 50 cent has not been relevant in 15 years. Donald Trump would never offer him that kind of money. Just another example of a desparate entertainer trying to use President Trumps name to increase their own popularity. How many celebs will pull a Smollett?



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