Jussie Smollet indicted on 16 felony counts in Chicago

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The show is over for Jussie Smollet. Today he was indicted on 16 different felony counts for staging a hate crime. Staging a hate crime in itself is a hate crime

We still have not heard an update on the possible federal charges he could still be facing for allegedly sending a fake letter to the set of Empire with crushed up Tylenol in it. Things are not looking good for Mr. Smollett.

“The Cook County grand jury indictment, dated Thursday and made public on Friday, gives details of the disorderly conduct charge against Smollett, according to The Associated Press. It elaborates on the allegation that he falsely reported that he’d been attacked in late January.

The indictment — eight counts from what he told the officer who responded to the report of the attack and eight for what he later told a detective — comes a little more than two weeks after prosecutors announced one felony count of the same charge.”

Source Fox News

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