Daylight Saving Time –Ticks me off

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What’s the point…seriously? Other than screw me out of an extra hour of sleep, make me change my clocks, which I just refuse to do, and screw up my sleeping patterns for the next few months, I don’t see a legitimate reason to keep doing this year after year. We live in a 24-hour world now, it makes no sense to continue this nonsense.

Make it so!

I grew up in Arizona. We don’t do Daylight Saving Time. I moved to Washington as a child, and remember hearing the teacher say “don’t forget to set your clocks back.” I immediately questioned what the heck she was talking about, was then explained the concept, whereas I proceeded to get on my chair and announce to the world in dismay, “You do WHAT?!” HAHAHA I was such a little shit…

It’s true though, seriously. The common excuses I hear are “it saves electricity, it gives you more daytime, yadda yadda.” I call BS on all the reasons I hear. Farmers don’t give a rats, they get up regardless. Saving oil? Well, we don’t use oil lamps to light our homes anymore now do we?

As far as saving on daylight, in Washington I noticed it still gets dark around 4pm…so what’s it matter lol…then when you go to set it forward again, you have the issue of it’s light out until 9, 10pm….

I say abolish it, get rid of it. It just screws up your circadian rhythms for months on end, which is not healthy in the least. It’s an archaic ideology that has been overturned several times throughout history already, and I believe we should finally put it to rest.

Have fun resetting your digital watches…


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