So What Happened to Open Borders?

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Starting in 2021, US Citizens will have to register to visit parts of Europe. The EU announced it was creating a ETIAS, or, European Travel Information and Authorization System, that will require screening for security and mogration risks of travelers accessing the Schengen zone in the EU. This zone comprises of 26 European countries that allow people to move freely between them, as they do not have internal borders.

Looks like someone’s getting it right, anyway….

Countries like Poland, who are part of the zone, have already expressed their dislike of Open Borders and unchecked migration. I applaud these countries for standing up and realizing measures like these are needed to address security issues.

I wonder if they will start addressing “refugees” in this manner as well… if they don’t this entire system is for nothing….countries like Germany and France, which both lie in the zone, are already getting bombarded with new residents that pose security risks.


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1 thought on “So What Happened to Open Borders?

  1. I’m afraid it’s too late for much of Europe. It’s quickly getting there for America, too. Worse than a bed bug infestation!

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