Subhuman Deplorables

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Fascist. Nazi. Deplorable. Toothless hillbilly. The names Trump supporters are called by the Left convey a level of contempt I have not seen in my half century on this earth.

During the heated contest of the 2016 Presidential election, the country divided itself into two fierce camps. The Clinton supporters, along with Antifa and BLM, perpetrated violence on Trump supporters; harassed those wearing MAGA hats or shirts, threw eggs and other projectiles and even chased them down and beat them up.

Remember the rioting in the streets with property damage – store front windows smashed, cars burned? The violence has even been fueled by leaders such as Maxine Waters who urged her supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump Administration. Remember Press Secretary Sanders being forced to leave The Red Hen Restaurant? Remember debacle of the Kavanaugh hearing and the treatment of his family?

Well, one of the newest members of Congress, the Freshman from Minnesota, Rep. Ilhan Omar, recently described Trump as “not human.” Though it comes as no surprise that this is the thought process of the Left, it is shocking that she so casually admits it.

For some time now, the MSM has poured fuel on the hatred of Trump and his supporters and anything that is representative of support for our President. Wearing a MAGA hat while you shop? Well, even if you’re an octogenarian, you’re fair game and a target. A middle school fund raiser for March of Dimes? Sorry, MAGA hats aren’t allowed. Teenager wearing a MAGA hat at the March for Life? We’ll get right in your face beating a drum and have the entire MSM accusing you of harassing us!

The Left claims to be tolerant and inclusive, and they are – as long as you don’t deviate from their views.

Against abortion? You hate women! Want a secure border? Racist! Oppose Gun Control? Murderer! Oppose the Green Deal? You’re sacrificing the next generation! Christian or Jewish? Sorry, your religion oppresses others, triggers others – no prayers in public, we’re offended!

Should we be surprised that the Leaders of the Left view President Trump and his supporters as sub-human? Sadly, no. They’ve been telling us that loud and clear for a long time now.


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