Jay Leno calls out late night hosts as one sided

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I was watching Jay Leno on the today show and he was asked if he missed doing late night.

He answered that he does not miss it because the networks want you to be overly negative and one sided.

Leno said when he was on late night no one could tell if he were a Republican or a Democrat. Now the hosts are biased.

We all miss a time with Johnny Carson or more recent Letterman and Leno where as a conservative you could tune into late night without being insulted over and over again.

Thanks for speaking out Jay!

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1 thought on “Jay Leno calls out late night hosts as one sided

  1. I disagree with the reference to Letterman. By the end, Letterman was so bitter and sour that it was difficult to watch at all. I did like Conan and I truly loved Craig Ferguson-one of the truly funny and entertaining hosts on late night. As for the rest? Meh.

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