I Will Never Let You Down

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When Trump spoke these words at his inauguration, my heart filled up with pride, and I actually teared up a bit. This resonated with me, as a patriot. Even in his finest moment, being elected President of the United States of America, he was still thinking about us…it wasn’t a party to celebrate HIS victory, it was a party to celebrate OURS.

As I watch the National Emergency issues unfold, I am reminded of his unwavering commitment to America First and MAGA. At every turn he has major opposition and resistance.

The latest rug was pulled out from under our feet by Nancy Pelosi. Her stance on what she thinks of America is clear, although her mind may not be… she cares more for illegals and their “rights” than she does for her neighbor. She could care less if the wall would help reduce the amount of murders and crimes and violence perpetrated on Americans each year. She could care less about the money being stolen right out of our own pockets by illegals each year, to the tune of 100 Billion dollars….this is money we could spend on America! On our Vets, on our children, on our Seniors, on cultural enrichment, art, scholarships….

Nancy introduced a resolution to block the National Emergency declaration and Trump just VETOED it. Well done, Mr. President! You are doing EXACTLY what we hired you for!

This constant schoolyard bickering between the Democrats and literally ANYTHING Trump want is unquestionably annoying. One would think, if the people vote in a president, we like what he stands for, the promises he made, and what he is fighting for. The members of Congress need to remember they work for us!

On a side note, I find it EXTREMELY disturbing a turd like Pelosi is third in line for the presidency…TERM LIMITS!!!


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