Morning report 3/18/19 backlash against fox news!

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Fox news suspended Judge Jeanine and people are furious with them folding to the hate mob. Judge Jeanine said absolutely nothing wrong. She was speaking the truth. Many people are considering boycotting Fox news until the judge is brought back

Fake news attack Trump and treat Mccain as the victim again. SAD!

Kelly Anne says that the house and senate Republicans turned their backs on this President

General Motors closing down plant

Tweets from the day

Politicans continue to turn a blind eye on the border

Judge Jeanine backlash against Fox News

Trump calls out Fox News again

Graham in a tough spot

Rampage Rant

Mccain is a Benedict Arnold

Major crisis

Sjw who spoke out against the Judge

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend I will see you tommorow for another edition of the morning report!

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