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Kellyanne Conway is one of President Trump’s most staunch and loyal supporters. She has been there for Trump since the beginning and they have been a match made in heaven. Kellyanne and Trump go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Kellyanne defending the Access Hollywood video

However, her husband George Conway is a total loser!

KellyAnne’s loser husband

His wife is the counselor for the President and former campaign manager of the most successful and powerful man in the world. Instead of sitting back and just being proud of his wife of 18 years this douche bag keeps going on social media and bashing his wife’s employer! George has went from 90,000 to 400,000 twitter followers in the last couple months since ramping up his anti Trump behavior. He is an egomaniac and by all accounts a terrible husband.

Trump rips George Conway

What’s even more pathetic is his wife was attacked last year by the leftist mob. Would he defend his wife in public against some of these psycho liberals? I doubt it.

Liberals have bad TDS and this loser is furthering the divide

You could check his timeline dating back to the last year and find tons of vile hate-filled tweets towards his wife’s employer (President Trump).

Kellyanne having to answer for her pathetic husband

What kind of husband puts his wife in this position after achieving her dream job?

A Total jealous loser. That’s who.

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