Voting: Coming of Age

First Lady Michelle Obama, with Sesame Street Muppets Elmo and Rosita, makes a "Let's Move!" announcement about marketing healthier foods to children, in the State Dining Room of the White House, Oct. 20, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

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Donna Brazile recently stated she supported lowering the minimum voting age to sixteen. She has a lot of support from the left on this one. Liberals try anything to increase their base, and this is just another ploy to get more people on their side. I’m sure she has no problem with illegals voting in our elections either.

Your local indoctrination center, in other words, school, would love to have more say in how things are done….just look at all the strikes, rallies, and protests they drag schoolkids to. Most don’t even know the reason they’re there, but they are made to go, and threatened with a bad grade if they don’t. Many look at is a a fun way to miss class.

Remember that poor kid who got ran over by a truck while on a protest they didn’t even understand? Remember the parent who didn’t even sign the permission slip for their student to attend the protest?

I do….

Johnathan Alexander Benko – the earliest reports of the accident stated it was a school walkout, then after the death the school of course denied any support of the event…

Lowering the voting age to sixteen only does one thing. It gives teachers an extra vote. Do you really think the students today are getting fair and unbiased opinions on the subjects they learn about? Do you think their grades are dictated by which side of the coin they favor? Climate change and Trump are the first two subjects that come to mind.

Do you think seeing grown adults act this way on a daily basis might just rub off on your kids?

Disturbing. Most sixteen year old people don’t pay taxes, don’t have a mortgage, don’t drive, don’t have jobs, and no real-life experience. To entertain the idea of them voting in elections, or on policies that affect everyone, is absolutely absurd. I do understand there are kids out there that are smarter than a whip, and good on them, but I can honestly ascertain this is not the case for most. At sixteen, most are worried about video games, selfies, and losing their V cards before graduation….

Wait until the indoctrination wears off at least…if it can. Wait until they live in the real world, far far away from Fake News and Liberal agenda. Two years sadly just isn’t enough for most, since they will head off to college to be brainwashed even more….


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3 thoughts on “Voting: Coming of Age

  1. The 26th Amendment to our Constitution was passed to lower the voting age to 18. At 18, young men were being drafted into the Army and shipped across the ocean to fight and possibly die for our country even though they had no input into the national decisions that put them there. Sixteen year-olds are not in any situations like that where they are put into adult life-and-death situations without having any say about it. Leave the voting age where it is.

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