3/21/2019 MAGA Morning Report: Democrats March Madness, KELLYANNE sides with Trump

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President Trump went to Ohio yesterday to discuss Ford leaving the US.

Trump full speech

Trump rips George Conway again

Trump rips traitor Mccain again; anyone else sick of the fake news acting like they love this guy?

The day in tweets

Build the wall already!

Every Heartbeat matters

Electoral college racist?

Expand social security for illegals. Sure that is a great idea 🤦‍♂️

Brennan being the typical idiot he is

Acosta lying?

New York is the state of infanticide

RINO Romney

They plan to open borders

Beto campaign stops

Gun control town hall goes badly for little Marco

No electoral college? ?

Another person attacked

Good point

TSA at it again

Finally more 2020 reaction

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5 thoughts on “3/21/2019 MAGA Morning Report: Democrats March Madness, KELLYANNE sides with Trump

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  5. George Conway needs to shut his fat mouth or fill it full of more donuts. He looks like a child molester with a triple chin. Why did you marry him Kelly?

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