Trump won California

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Trump won the LEGAL popular vote, and yes, that includes California. Illegal immigrants account for some estimated 12 million people in the United States(the estimated count varies slightly, I’m going with the average here). Some say it could be upwards of more than 23 million.

The Census counts illegal immigrants in with legal citizens when determining each state’s number of representatives in Congress and, and as a result, the number of Electoral College votes the state gets. States with large numbers of illegals receive additional Electoral College votes at the expense of states with smaller numbers of illegals.

Sanctuary Cities, of course, have the highest number of estimated illegals in residence.

If you notice the Electoral Map, the Blue States coincide quite similarly to the states with the highest population of illegals. Very interesting, isn’t it. Hillary lost by a count of around 2.87 million votes. Let’s think about that for one moment…

It is well-known how easy is it for illegals to get ID, and to vote in states like California (with their Motor Voter laws), Arizona, and New Mexico. You can’t even board a plane with a New Mexico ID because it’s so easy to get; they require other forms of ID. Crazy…

The Democrats have already admitted to allowing illegals to vote in our elections. This is no surprise. There are an estimated 9.3 million illegals in California (source). California alone receives 55 electoral votes ( this is so high because of the amount of illegals living there). Trump lost to Hillary in California by about 2,868,519 votes. If only 25% of all illegals voted in the election, there’s your loss…

Final election results from the NY Times

With the amount of fear-mongering fostered by the media, (Trump’s “racist wall” and fear of deportation), and Obama’s encouragement of illegals to vote, I’m sure there was a higher than normal turnout.

That’s only one state though. Trump went on to lose in a few other states, all with an abnormally high illegal population.

Then of course you have the ballot box stuffing cheaters, who were caught on video, voter harvesting, dead voters, and the buses of voters being carted to different districts to vote again..

Clinton Staffers stuffing ballot boxes to help her win against Bernie Sanders…you can bet they did this again when she ran against Trump.
In Michigan, there were more ballots than voters…hmmm

California must purge 1.5 million registered voters from their rosters, as it was discovered they had more people registered than were of legal voting age in residence, and Texas recently purged over a 95,000 ineligible voters off their rosters, for which they are now being sued….ridiculous!

The numbers just don’t add up, do they? Personally, I don’t understand the audacity and arrogance of the politicians who do not want voter ID laws, who don’t want only US citizens counted in our census, and who believe that illegals have every right to vote in our elections. I beg to differ! They think an illegal’s vote is more important than OUR vote, and that is plain wrong.

Of course, they have their reasons, and we all know what those are. Control. They don’t want to lose money, or lose their standing. At the expense of all Americans, they put the illegals up on a pedestal. We need voter ID, and we need it NOW.

Trump won the LEGAL popular vote. Plain and simple. If you take away all the illegal votes and cheating, he won by a mile, and he will win again in 2020!


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