Michael Avenatti arrested! 1 billion dollars for the wall approved!MAGA Morning report 3/26/19

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Michael Avenatti was arrested Monday for extortion, wire fraud, and tax fraud.

Lindsey Graham on making the Mueller report public

The left are conspiracy theorist

Mainstream media lied to you. An angry Hannity rants for 20 minutes straight

Start building it!

Bookies betting on Trump 2020

Sarah Sanders on the Today show. Savannah asked her if Trump should apologize to Mueller.. Really?

The day in tweets

Bad week for liberals

Steve Hilton on conspiracy theory

Shes right, build that wall

Great idea

Mueller time?

Schiff was wrong

The last Democrat

Trump and Netanyahu

Porn lawyer arrested reaction

Go to class

Crenshaw is spot on

O Reilly ranks the fake news

Champion celebration

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