Jussie Smollett has charges dropped! Obama care ruled unconstitutional. Morning Report 3/27/19

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Yesterday Jussie Smollett was called to court for an emergency court hearing to find out all 16 felony charges against him have been dropped. Check your privilege Jussie.

Robs article on Smollett case

Best video I have seen of Ingraham explaining how Michelle Obama helped get him off of 16 felonies
This is a disgrace
Rahm sticking up for law enforcement. Says this was a white wash of justice

Obamacare has been ruled unconstitutional. Finally going to fix health care

Graham on Mueller report

Ted Cruz says the dems won’t quit

Media scrambling for a new narrative

Obama admin under fire after Mueller report

Green new Deal gets 0 votes

MAGA Media minute by @magamediadotorg

Netanyahu and McConnell respond to Omar

The day in tweets

Spy gate

Crooked Hillary

Now so does Pocahontas

Obama care unconstitutional

Out supporting this President

Liberalism is a mental disorder

Get to class


More winning

The new War room account


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