Grand Rapids Michigan Trump Rally live coverage

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President Trump has his first rally since the Mueller Report release

Trump live stream

If you have any problems with the above video, try the Right side broadcasting coverage posted here instead:

Trump will be live and in action tonight surrounded by American patriots! magAMedia will have a live stream posted around 7pm eastern time. Check back throughout the day for live tweets from people attending the rally!

People in line at 8 in the morning having fun

Look at all those beautiful RED MAGA HATS!
We LOVE Donald Trump, Jr.!!!
We’ve got our own Green New Deal!
Dude’s a Libtard, but I still like this tweet ha. The media DESERVES to be bashed! You’ll find no sympathy from me!

Trump says we will close the damn border if nothing is done to protect our security!
Hell YEAH, Mr. President! I’m with you!!

El Paso Rally coverage on

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