Doomsday: 2031

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No, this is not when we will be attacked by robots, or when a huge asteroid is predicted to smash into the earth, or the zombie apocalypse; this is the amount of time Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks us earthlings have left on this planet if we do not do something about Climate Change.

Climate Change: the money-grabbing hoax concocted by socialist people that want to control everything we do. Backers of this hoax, and “believers in science” say the world will end in twelve years.

Human beings have collected data on the weather for a few hundred years. At the most, until recent technological advances, that data has been spotty. For ANY scientist to come along and agree that Climate Change caused by humans is FACT is completely irresponsible. The earth is billions of years old, and to say after our short time here that we know it all, is absurd.

If you believe in this science, then you better start prepping. Get your bottled water and food stores ready, grab your solar blankets, and start building your bomb shelters.

Then come back to me in 12 years….


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