SJW Employees are a BAD INVESTMENT

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The chain later apologized

A sign that read “No longer serving military personnel and their guests” was posted by some employees of the Doubletree Inn in Colorado. The hotel chain later issued a statement saying the employees had been fired. Good for you, Doubletree…too often we are seeing SJW’s on a mission, bring their rotten beliefs into the workplace. It’s disgusting.

I’m reminded of the Vape shop guy…

Instances like these are perfect examples why companies (if they know what’s good for them) must draw a firm line when it comes to customer service, and personal opinion. These companies could have been destroyed. Thankfully, both owners did the right thing and in all instances the employees that took part were fired.

How typical though, isn’t it? SJWs feel their opinions are the only ones that matter and they’re willing to shame, degrade, and foster hate to get that point across. Shameful behavior if you ask me!


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