Omar refuses to condemn stoning gays, blames immigration problems on White Nationalism

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Rep Omar blames the border crisis and the “treatment” of illegals on White Nationalism. Sorry Omar, but …did we ASK these people to come here? We are doing the absolute best we can with the resources we have. To say otherwise is just plain stupid. In my book, they’re lucky to get fed. Not to be mean, but the truth is, we have no obligation to anyone, but to the people of the United States. Each illegal is taking away from everyone who already lives here as a legal, lawful citizen.

White Nationalism really chaps my hide. I hate that term. Yes I love my country, yes I’m white, but what the heck does THAT have to do with anything? I’m sorry, but I truly hate being essentially called a Nazi all the time by the “tolerant left.” Nazis killed people….

Speaking of killing people, interestingly enough, it seems “bleeding heart” Omar is now refusing to condemn the stoning of gay people, one of the common punishments that goes along with Sharia Law enforcement. Is this not abhorrent and inhumane?

Journalist Ryan Savvedra of The Daily Wire contacted her office two times to get her comments on two stories that were in the media:

The nation (Brunei) is going to introduce death by stoning as a punishment for gay sex and “amputation for those guilty of theft under sharia law, with both penalties to also apply to children once implemented.”
The second story comes out of the Middle East, where the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas recently fired 20 rockets into Israel and destroyed the homes of innocent civilians.


The Daily Wire asked Omar if she could provide comment on either story and if she found either of these acts to be “abhorrent and inhumane.”
The Daily Wire also asked Omar if she would say that these acts are due to radical Islam.


She had no comment.

So let me get this straight…she will spout off about the way illegal immigrants are treated when they get here without an invitation, but when it comes to killing gay people, even children, she has nothing to say…

She has nothing to say about the bombings by the terrorist group Hamas either….interesting, isn’t it.

We all know what she thinks of Jews now don’t we, let’s be real. She’s been under fire for a while for her antisemitic remarks. Even Nancy Pelosi called her anti-American:

“This month, the full House came together to condemn the anti-Semitic myth of dual loyalty, and all forms of bigotry, with a resolution that ‘rejects the perpetuation of anti-Semitic stereotypes in the United States and around the world, including the pernicious myth of dual loyalty and foreign allegiance, especially in the context of support for the United States-Israel alliance,'” Pelosi said. “I simply declare to be anti-Semitic is to be anti-American. It has no place in our country.” She said later that there are “signs” of anti-Semitism “in our own country.”

Nancy Pelosi at APAIC

All I have to say is, great job with this one, Minnesota. We can’t get rid of her, and she’s here to stay. Just better hope Sharia Law stays far, far away from the States, or I can guarantee there will be some trouble.


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