Trump: No More Allowance for you!

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Trump is cutting off aid (about 1.3 billion dollars) to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and blasted the Central American countries for sending migrants to the United States.

In case you’re not familiar with where these countries are….

Rightfully so! They are obviously not using the aid we give them to actually help their people, and we end up with their excess baggage! About time we stop funding other countries who do absolutely nothing for us.

I feel sorry for the people, but the fact is, we are in debt ourselves. We cannot be expected, and rightfully so, to solve the world’s problems. Every time we give millions, and even billions of dollars to another country, we are robbing our own piggy banks, and replacing it with an IOU that will never be repaid.

We cannot expect to save the world. We need to focus on our own country first. Once we solve the issues of healthcare and poverty on a national level, maybe then we can give more. In my opinion however, we already give too much.


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