New York Taxes Driving

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New York is the highest taxed state in the Union, and it’s driving people crazy. “Congestion Pricing” comes to Manhattan. Basically it’s a fancy name for a toll…drivers of cars will pay upwards of $11.00 to enter the city, and truckers will pay $25.00. And how is this solving congestion? Looks to me like it’s a tax on middle-class people who might commute to Manhattan for work every day… in fact, the people of New Jersey already pay a toll to commute to Manhattan.

Taxing the middle class to death is what Democrats are good at. I couldn’t imagine paying over $330.00 per month just to go to work every day (This is a conservative number, since I added a bit for gas. I didn’t even factor in parking). It’s ridiculous. And all to help fund a failing transportation system that not everyone uses in the first place…sounds like Socialism to me!

This will be a huge chunk out of some paychecks. No wonder people are fleeing New York in droves. They lost more than 48,000 residents last year. And with continuously poor choices by government, we can expect to see more.

Funny, because they seem to have all the money in the world for illegals..


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