NY: Millions for illegals and 50K raise for legislators

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New York recently voted to lower spending on the Special Olympics by $50,000, while at the same time earmarking over 20 million dollars for the Legal Defense Fund (a fund for immigrant and refugee legal counsel, which reached over $65 million this year in New York). They’re also providing $40 million dollars to fight the citizenship on the US Census. Did I mention they also began taxing the cars coming into Manhattan daily, to the tune of $11-$25.00, depending on what you’re driving?

Budget goals include:

  • $40 million to fund local Census outreach
  • $20 million for the Liberty Defense Project funding
  • $532 million to create a state-funded Essential Plan for all New Yorkers up to 200% of the federal poverty level, regardless of immigration status. (this is a healthcare plan, so the taxpayer will be paying for illegal healthcare as well).
  • $15.3 million for Adult Literacy Education funding
  • source

50K raise, huh….must be nice. I’ve never had a 50K per year salary, let alone a raise over $1.00 per year…

Taxpayers in New York are getting screwed. Why should anyone have to pay for legal fees and healthcare for someone who doesn’t even belong here (4.4 million illegals in New York)? Why are working people being taxed to death, while lawmakers get a huge pay increase?

Socialist Democrats at work. It’s always ME, ME, ME, ME. They help only those that will help them…Vote them out before it’s too late!


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