God Did Not Drop The Charges

We have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. But you must repent your sins in order to get forgiveness.

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Contrary to popular belief God did not drop the charges on Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime. Furthermore, the actor-singer is not a saint, as some in the black community have elevated him to. If anything, Smollete is a sinner. After all, the actor/singer did break God’s ninth commandment. Thou shall not bear false witness.

A Narcissitic Hustler

Actually, Smollett did more than bear false witness. He bore false witness and then lied to cover it up. When given the chance to make it right, he continued to lie and bear false witness. At one point he and his handlers even hinted at the possibility of filing a complaint against those whom he bore false witness to. This was all done for the benefit of the 36-year-old actor to make him look like a victim to blacks. Such a selfish individual who claims to be a man of faith (black people are notoriously religious). Smollett is a narcissistic hustler who benefited from being a popular gay-black entertainer in the black community. He is now toying with their sympathy with the victimization card.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Marton/AP/REX/Shutterstock (10155663a) Empire actor Jussie Smollett, center, arrives at the Leighton Criminal Court Building for his hearing, in Chicago. Smollett is accused of lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack by two men on Jan. 29 in downtown Chicago Empire Cast Member Attack, Chicago, USA – 14 Mar 2019

Blacks Have Been Victims

Black people should be angry that Smollett is playing with their emotions and religious beliefs. They should be mad that he is making himself a victim. Far too many times blacks have been victims of hate crimes. Crimes that have gone unpunished because they weren’t believed (because of who they were and statue in soceity) despite all the evidence showing a crime was committed.

Now in this case, with insurmountable evidence, blacks should want the actor to have his day in court. They should want the real culprits brought to justice even if he is the culprit.

With a predominately black police department, black sheriff and black prosecutor in Chicago, one would think justice would come. However, it is being denied, and black people don’t seem to mind. It is as though they don’t want to know the truth. Instead, they rally in support of a man whom the Chicago Police Department concluded staged his own hate crime. He was indicted by a grand jury. He was arrested and released on bond (pending a trial) all while maintaining his innocence.

Not Certain Of A Conviction

Then suddenly, before Smollett could have his day in court, the case was dismissed. It was also sealed by a Cook County judge. The prosecutor’s office said had the case not been dismissed it was uncertain a conviction would have been gotten. The police, who had done an extensive investigation, disagreed.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said he and his staff put in many man hours and had concrete evidence that Smollett staged the crime. The evidence, he felt, if presented to a trial jury would have convicted the actor. He along with the city’s mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, are baffled over the case dismissal. The mayor called the dismissal a “white-wash of justice.”

So black people should not be heralding Smollett as a hero nor shouting for joy that he got off. This is a sad day in the black community and America. It is sad that the actor chose to make light of a serious matter that many blacks have encountered.

Divine Intervention

As for God’s intervention in the case, no he did not drop the charges. He certainly didn’t say the case was dismissed. If anything, God probably would have dropped Smollett in jail or at least put him under it.

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