Democrats: the New KKK

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Democrats back in the day were the party of the KKK.

Democrat version of a political rally….

Democrat Political Poster, 1869

Today, nothing’s really changed. They disguise themselves well…the recent hearing on White Nationalism was just another shitshow spectacle designed by the Democrats to present a problem to the public that doesn’t exist. I’m reminded the Jussie Smollett incident and the “new” lynching law. When’s the last time anyone here has been to a lynching? Are you kidding me? The law was unnecessary. It’s already against the law…

Today’s Democrat attacks minorities in a new way. One that holds them down, one that makes them dependent on the government. They attack everyone else by calling them racist..if they love their country, they’re the enemy. Make no mistake, Democrats are at war with America.

For any member of Congress to even mention “white nationalism” is a slap in the face to every single patriot in America. Being white and happening to love your president and country is now unacceptable. They claim we’re all members of their elite KKK group somehow…if it’s a club, I surely don’t know anything about it.

“All Hate Speech Matters” they said at the hearing. Well then, hypocrites, stop calling us bots, Russians, racists, fascists, Nazis…I can go on. The Democrats are THE party of hate. They need a new message and a new direction. Their platform is not working for me….

It’s ridiculous how many people are still falling for their BS. Wake up America! Democrats hate YOU. They’ve gone beyond the boundaries of race, and have started a full-fledged war against America itself.


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