Trump Is President

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Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He is the people’s president fighting to keep this country safe and great.

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Trump is deranged.
Trump is a racist.
Trump is a xenophobe.
Trump is a White Nationalist
Trump is a Russian agent.
Trump is a chauvinist.

Trump has bad health.
Trump hates gays and lesbians.
Trump puts children in cages.
Trump stole the election.
Trump colluded with Russia.
Trump feels the walls are closing in.
Trump got two scoops of ice cream.

All lies manufactured by a liberal MSM out to take down a duly elected president. They are not alone. They are infact colluding with the Democrats and Never Trumpers to destroy this president. They are mad that he got elected and is determined to make America Great Again and keept it safe.

Trump Isn’t Afraid

What Trump is? He is President Donald J. Trump. The 45th president of the United States. The only president who is not afraid to call it the way it is. The only president who is not owned by special interest groups. The only president who has done more in his first two years in office than any president. The only president who has kept and is keeping his promises to rebuild the economy, grow the GDP, put more money in paychecks, get rid of endless regulations, reduce unemployment and call out the fake news media and Democrats.

Congressman Jim Jordan talks about President Trump’s successes.

Yes, there have been challenges and will continue to be, but he is not afraid to fight for the forgotten man or America. He is not afraid to take on the establishment. He is not afraid to take the hits they throw at him.

The President Loves America

President Trump is a president who will not apologize for loving America and wanting to make it and keep it great.

God Bless America and thank God for Donald Trump!

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