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 This is the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Subscription Fire HD “kids” Tablet.

It offers amongst other things, a platform for parents to let their kids have fun with technology, while at the same time being able to create a custom profile for each child.

Your child’s profile will include their age so Amazon can offer them appropriate content which includes books, videos, and games, all for a low monthly cost. You even get the first year free!

Sounds great right? We thought so at the time…


A little less than two years ago, my wife and I bought two of these tablets. One for each child (because who wants two small children fighting over just one?). We created the profiles with their correct ages, and put in place the parental settings we wanted.

Being the amazing parents that we are, we also made it a habit to watch what they were downloading, and regularly went through the tablets to look for anything out-of-place.

The way it works: Amazon will regularly promote different apps for your child to download. There is no store per se and no price for anything (less the monthly subscription), just sections with new content all the time.

This morning, my wife called me over to show me what she saw in the games section of my sons tablet.

It appeared to be a political campaign logo. But on a six-year olds profile?

I was instantly curious and I immediately downloaded it to investigate.


Upon opening the app, I found out it was a game called “Campaign Manager”.

Before playing it, I had to know more about it. So I went to the Google Play Store on my phone.


Made by RosiMosi LLC, Campaign Manager lets you replay old elections, or stump for your chosen side in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

It’s a very in-depth game dealing with mostly campaign finance and choosing different States to do certain activities in.

Just like a real election, you’re trying to win the most electoral votes to defeat your opponent.

Here are some pictures of actual game play.

I’m still sitting here in amazement as I type this article. Someone in the “pick apps for certain ages” department needs to be fired.

To add insult to injury, the game leans Democrat. On normal mode, I could barely get Trump to win the 2016 election that was an actual LANDSLIDE.

Here are some reviews from the Google Play Store.


At six years old, young minds are extremely impressionable. Playing this game for any amount of time will train those young minds that Democrats always win. They will come to expect it, then mentally accept it. Robbed of their free thought.

Amazon – This is not OK.

You can’t brainwash children through your services and expect no one to notice.

I expect a full public apology to all of the users who pay for FreeTime. If one is not given, you will lose multiple generations of my family as customers for ANY service you provide.

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  1. Losing by almost 3 million votes and squeaking by within the margin of error after massive voter suppression efforts does not constitute a “landslide”. I don’t imagine this game was designed to account for that.

  2. Shit sounds made up. Just like everything else you peddle in this crappy site for morons. By morons for morons, like you!


  3. So kids play this game time after time and learn; Dems win every time, cool they want to be Dems. Same mindset as everyone gets a trophy- when reality hits and they loose, 2016 for example. They don’t know how to act. If this type of indoctrination doesn’t stop the conflict will continue. Truth is the only way

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