Tuition for Illegals

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An email was floating around a few years ago from the Dean of Students at UC Berkeley and several professors, claiming Milo cannot be allowed to speak because he was apparently going to reveal how much money the school was allotting to illegals in attendance for tuition, food and housing. Of course, that email can no longer be found anywhere on the internet…

Milo came to Berkeley, and left very soon, amidst protesters claiming he was going to reveal the NAMES of illegals in attendance. Of course, Milo has always denied this. The scene was intense. I was there that day and quickly left. Telegraph avenue erupted with anger, people were marching towards College Avenue, yelling; then they took to burning trash cans, robbing Starbucks and the ATMs, and blocking the freeway.

Store owners nailed plywood to their windows in the attempt to prevent looters, and closed up shop for the day. People were bee-lining for the bus stops, and BART stations. Black face masks were everywhere you looked.

Of course, the mayor of Berkeley told the police to stand down. They waited for the riots to end in a classroom in the college. The damage was in the millions the next morning. White vans arrived with cleaning crews to deal with the mess, and quietly cleaned up the anarchy to make it look like it never happened.

Fun stuff, good times….

Fast forward to today.

New York Democrats have approved $27 million in tuition for illegal immigrants, instead of supporting a bill which would help family members of deceased veterans.

Unbelievable. What is even more unbelievable is the fact that illegals receive “in-state tuition” rates. If you or I applied to any college not within our state of residence, the cost would be astronomical. If an illegal does it, they get the best deal possible, as well as housing benefits, food and whatever else they may need.

The fact that we spend ANY money at all on kids/adults that should not even be here angers me. Illegals are taking the place of kids/adults who otherwise would love to attend school, but either are not accepted, or do not have the funds.

How about they use that $27 million dollars and create some full-ride scholarships for Americans. How about they offer Free Trade School classes so people can get living-wage jobs? So many things they can do with that money, yet they choose to support illegals over Americans.

It’s not just in Berkeley, it’s not just in New York; it’s everywhere and it is a travesty. Whether you have children or not, you are paying into the school systems with your property taxes, lottery tickets, and other taxes hidden in gasoline etc. We are ALL paying for illegals to go to college. How is this fair??

It isn’t.


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1 thought on “Tuition for Illegals

  1. Just an FYI, EVEN Texas provides in state tuition rates for undocumented student residents. That’s right, EVEN Texas.

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